US police force witness the first ever Malayali Association in the history

An association for the Malayali police officers has formed in the North American Police Department under American Malayali Law Enforcement United (AMLEW). The association has been founded on September 2020 to provide the necessary legal assistance and knowledge from the police force to every Malayali who has come to the United States. The association is also planning to promote the emerging Malayali Communitycommunity’s participation in the police force’s coming recruitments by providing the necessary arrangements.

For the first time, the American police department is witnessing an ethnic association within the force. Thomas Joy, the elected president of the association, is also a Suffolk County police officer in New York, in addition to serving in the U.S. army. Thomas, who is currently working as the Human Resource officer, is the first-ever founding member of the Asian-American police association. He lives in Long Island, New York and is the son of prominent businessman Monippilly Joy. Thomas is also famous for his charity services.

The very first idea of the association was announced by Sergeant OommenSleeba of the Chicago Police Department. ShibuPhilipose (Captain, Maryland Police Department), Nithin Abraham (Sergeant, NYPD), Noble Varghese (Sergeant, New York/New Jersey port authority) are the elected vice-president, secretary and treasurer.

At present, the association with 75 police officers, from New York Police Department, Chicago and Houston Police Departments, F.B.I., Department of Justice, State Troopers and Correction Officers Department, is expecting 150 members from other states. Captain Stalin George (NYPD), Captain LijuThottam (NYPD), Captain ShibuMadhu (NYPD) and Captain ShibuPhilipose( Maryland Police Department) are the other four high-ranking officers in the association. The association has started a website to make their services easily accessible to the public. Apart from this, they are organising events like music band show, culinary workshops and other small sales for fewer fees to provide better services to the members of the Community. They are also accepting a small donation of 20 dollars, through their website, for improving the lives of those in the Community.

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