upGrad Inc. Announces Partnership With Northern Arizona University To Bridge Financial Gap For Students

Online education company upGrad Inc. recently announced that it has developed a Study Abroad program with Northern Arizona University for a degree course, as part of its online platform upgradabroad.com. This new addition is expected to make transnational learning mainstream phenomena in the U.S.

“upGrad’s Study Abroad program is designed to bridge the financial gap that prevents students around the world from enrolling themselves in a high-quality U.S. education and subsequently building a meaningful career,” Karan Raturi, upGrad general manager in North America, said in a statement.

“This blended learning approach will help expand our learners’ academic and professional exposure while also enabling them to substantially save on their education expenses,” Raturi added. “We are thrilled to have Northern Arizona University join us, and with many more top global universities joining our network for this program, we aim to become the largest transnational higher education leader, empowering learners across geographies. We look at closing 10 university partnerships in the U.S. within a year.”

This four-year course will allow students enrolled in the Bachelor of Computer Application course with India’s Chandigarh University during the first two years to be transferred to Northern Arizona University for the remaining two years after they meet academic requirements.

This pathway will reportedly assist in saving more than $67,000 in tuition fees and the living expenses incurred by students who wish to pursue their bachelor’s degree from the U.S. This will make the offering more cost-effective.

The advancement accelerates the U.S. government’s plan to propel international students in the country, which would in turn boost the economy. A senior American diplomat said that the U.S. mission in India is “actively working” to accommodate the maximum number of student visa applicants as possible in July and August this year. Facilitating their travel also remains a top priority, and is considered of utmost importance.

Northern Arizona University is one of the oldest public universities to join upGrad’s Study Abroad program. This announcement comes soon after other partnership announcements with James Cook University, Brisbane Campus, Australia; and International University of Applied Sciences, Germany.

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