Top 10 courses for international students with high employability

It is not surprising that the number of Indian students who want to study abroad had been increasing every year and surged in the past few years. It continues to be so despite the pandemic and related problems. With the opportunity to learn in a culturally diverse environment by getting international exposure and hands-on work experience is a compelling option for students but at the same time it is natural to be confused about what subjects to choose to study abroad. So here we have compiled a list of top 10 subjects to study abroad for a bright future.

·        Bachelors in agricultural science

Microbiologist, agricultural analyst, farm manager, food scientist and marketing expert are few of the roles you can take up after studies. Top universities are:

1. University of Western Australia

2. University of Otago (New Zealand)

3. The University of Melbourne (Australia)

·        Bachelors in Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical engineers use their engineering and technology background to develop vaccines, improve pharmaceutical drugs and build robots that help during surgery with an average salary of USD 44,000.

·        Cybersecurity

Security architect, information security analyst, security software developer and chief information security officer are few of the many career options.

Top universities are:

1. University of New South Wales (Australia)

2. The University of Adelaide (Australia)

3. University of Washington (US)

·        Data science

It is a subject with huge demand as more than half of the world revolves around data these days. Data analyst, data scientist, business analyst, data architect, applications architect are some of the career options. 

·        Computer science

Being the 15th highest-paid degree, according to report 2016, this course looks at your bright future.

Top universities to study computer science are:

1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (US)

2. King’s College London, University of London

3. The University of Melbourne (Australia)

·        Information technology

Computer and information systems manager; network and computer system administrator; and computer and information systems manager are few of the many career options in store for IT graduates who study abroad.

·        Aviation technology

During your study, you’ll explore the concepts of navigation, safety and security features, electrical systems, air pressure patterns and turbine engines – to name a few.

Top universities to study aviation technology are:

1. University of Leeds (UK)

2. University of Cincinnati (USA)

3. Dublin Institute of Technology (Ireland)

·        Mechanical engineering

You can take up the roles of a mechanical engineer or a mechanical engineer technician in different fields in the production or manufacturing domain such as industrial, automotive or energy fields.

·        Business management

Business management programmes offer internships or study abroad options – giving you exposure and hands-on industry experience most often. Top universities to study business management are:

1. The University of Sydney (Australia)

2. University of Toronto (Canada)

3. National University of Singapore (Singapore)

·        Accounting and finance

Role as a chartered accountant, company secretary and stockbroker, as well in the industries of actuary, retail banking, tax advising and economic analysis is the attraction for choosing this course.

Top universities to study accounting and finance are:

1. University of Glasgow (UK)

2. University of Alberta (Canada)

3. University College Dublin (Ireland)

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