This Micro Master’s Programme is Apt For Getting Jobs In These Tough Times

For those searching for jobs in these Covid times, software development is an essential skill that can give you an edge over other candidates. With a boom in the tech industry, especially in the service sector, corporations are looking to hire professionals with a hold in software development. Whether you are looking for jobs or want to enhance your skill set, this Micro master’s programme in software development could be the right fit. Offered by the University of British Columbia, this programme is flexible and could be taken online. The duration of the Micro-master’s is of 9 months and would require you to take out 6-8 hours per week. Furthermore, the programme is designed in keeping with working professionals and their busy schedules in mind as it can be completed at a pace that is in sync with their professional commitments.

The University of British Columbia is a premier public research university in Canada. Ranking among the top 3 universities in Canada, the focus of the institution has primarily been on scientific research and technology. Home to massive labs for study in particle and nuclear physics, the university is one of the best institutions around the world to study science and technology. Its alumni include Eight Nobel laureates, 71 Rhodes scholars, 65 Olympians, ten fellows in both the American Academy of Arts & Sciences and the Royal Society, and 273 fellows to the Royal Society of Canada. Naturally, the Micro Master’s programme provides access to renowned academicians and experts in their field such as Professor Gail Murphy and Professor Gregor Kiczales.

The micro master’s programme will focus on training its students to recognise software in any programming language as common repeating patterns. This will enable the students to quickly learn and implement new technologies and software systems. The students will be taught with a hands-on technique as they will work on several software development projects and learn specific technologies, including Java, JUnit, IntelliJ IDEA, Typescript and Node.js. But even more importantly, the students will develop the ability to see the common structures in programs and in tools and learn how to apply these skills to master new technologies quickly. This course will equip you to write programmes using a systemic approach and to design programs that are easy to maintain. At the end of this Micro master’s, you will have the confidence to apply for positions requiring any programming language or technology. For further information, please click here.

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