The UK Decides to Move India to ‘Amber’ List, Ease Travel Norms

The United Kingdom government has decided to ease travel restrictions on Indian passengers. It will move India from ‘red’ to ‘amber’ list, the lists were created for international travel amid the Covid-19 pandemic. The changes will come into effect from 8.30 am IST on August 8. 

This implies that after reaching the UK, travelers falling in the ‘amber’ list countries have to undertake a 10-day quarantine at a hotel under the UK’s traffic light system. However, Indian travelers who are fully vaccinated, are exempt from the mandatory quarantine. 

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The new rules by the UK administration also make it necessary for travellers to take Covid-19 test three days prior to their travel in their domestic countries and book another test within 3 days of their arrival in the UK. Passengers are also required to fill out a passenger locator form on arrival in the country. 

The UAE, Qatar, Bahrain and India are the countries that will be moved from red list to the amber list, and the passengers from these countries have to undergo the Covid-19 travel protocols. 

Travelers from the green list countries, however, have no requirement for mandatory quarantine regardless of their vaccination status. They only have to take a RT-PCR test before departure and two days after arrival. 

The UK has moved countries such as Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Romania, Norway and France from amber list to green list. 

What are these Travel lists? 

Red List 

UK citizens, except British and Irish nationals or people with UK residence permit, cannot travel to countries on the red list. 

Upon arrival in the UK, passengers are required to quarantine in a hotel for 10 days and take three RT-PCR tests for Covid-19, including one before departure from their country of origin. 

Amber List 

It allows travelers to enter the UK but they have to take three Covid-19 tests. The first, at least three days before departure; the second, on the day of arrival or after 2 days; and third, on or after 8th day. Home quarantine is also mandatory for 10 days. 

For the fully-vaccinated UK citizens, neither quarantine nor the test on 8th day are required. 

Green List 

Before reaching the UK, travelers need to take a Covid-19 test. Another test is also required upon arrival or on or before day 2. Quarantine is mandatory only if the test result is positive. 

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