The Tibetan Colony in India: Majnu-Ka-Tilla

Located in the Northern district of Delhi, Majnu-Ka-Tilla is a Tibetan settlement in the Indian capital. A history of turmoil, the 1959 Tibetan uprising preceded the formation of this Tibetan colony which is now home to the second generation of refugees. Also known as “Little Tibet” or “Mini Tibet”, Majnu-Ka-Tilla literally translates to the hillock of Majnu. It is named after the Iranian Sufi Abdullah, who was nicknamed Majnu, meaning ‘lost in love’.

The picturesque location that lies on Yamuna banks has a temple, a marketplace, and famous eateries. You can also see Tibetan monks flowing in and out. The markets are known for articles that are endemic to this community- delicate-looking Chinese ceramics, silver pieces of jewellery, Tibetan prayer flags, handicrafts, tapestries, books and shawls. AKAMA is a one-stop-shop for all you must visit if you’re there!

Majnu-Ka-Tilla, not for anything else, is famous for the multiple cuisines it offers to the visitors. The fringes of the inner courtyard where the temple stands are filled with stalls that serve different foods such as the Tibetan butter salt tea and the flat-noodle street food called La-phing. This spicy delicacy is made from flour and is offered in two varieties- one dry and one soupy. Hot beef sticks on skewers can be found on the side of the lanes as you go into the marketplace. There are Korean restaurants and cafes further ahead, although a little expensive will be your money’s worth. The beautiful interiors and the appetizing Ramen served with Kimchi and other side dishes in Busan and Gangnam gives you a wonderful dining experience. AMA Cafe and Kham Coffee house have also produced a bunch of loyal customers who’d never miss out on visiting them while in MKT. It is curious how this tiny refugee settlement has carved a niche for itself and have made it to the list of favourite spots for many Delhites!

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