The Mysterious Man And The World’s Second Most Expensive Mangoes

The summers in India are blessed with delicious and juicy fruits to devour, and mango stands first on the list. Different geographical locations across the country have their own significance in defining a particular variant of the fruit, which determines the quality, taste, and price.

One kilogram of Jabalpur mango costing Rs 2,70,000 (USD 3630) goes viral and leaves people in surprise as they hear the news. How “fortunate” would a farmer be who receives such an amount for every kilo of mangoes being sold.

It happened to this horticulturist couple from Jabalpur, Rani and Sankalp Parihar, who never had any intentions to grow such an expensive fruit that would capture the headlines of media houses. As told by the peasant couple, the story began 4 years back when they went to Chennai looking for some coconut breed to plant on their farm. On their return journey in train, they met a man and had some bare minimum conversation. Out of the blue, the man offered them a few saplings of mango. Nothing much about the saplings was shared except that it was of some special breed and advised the couple to take care and grow them like their own babies.

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The couple planted it in their orchard without knowing anything about the variety of mango it will produce. No sooner the real identity of these mangoes revealed when the trees started bearing fruit. It looked rather unusual than any common type of mangoes, egg-shaped and intense ruby red colour.

Image Credit: Times of India

Later on, with help from the district horticultural department, it was identified as Japanese Miyazaki mango which is the second most expensive mango in the world after Noor Jahan from Afghanistan.

Rani initially named these mangoes after her mother Damini until they knew the true identity and origin.

With the overnight fame spreading throughout the town, they started getting attention from potential buyers, fruit enthusiasts and also from criminals and the fruit mafia. As protective shields against the nefarious elements, they have engaged 9 dogs and 3 guards to look after the trees.

So far they have not sold this fruit to anyone irrespective of the price on offer and they intend to grow more trees out of these Miyazaki.

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