Start-ups Join Hands To Honor Bengaluru Delivery Heroes

During these tough times triggered by the pandemic, it is indeed heartening to find consumer start-ups in Bengaluru, such as Big Basket, Colive, FirstMeridian and TeamLease, one of the leading staffing company and Fortune India 500, join hands to honour the daily sacrifices of India’s delivery heroes. These unsung warriors have been riding around the town on a daily basis to deliver food, groceries, medicines and other essential commodities to everyone, including Covid-19 patients and putting themselves in harm’s way so that customers can stay indoors safely. These brands have teamed up to start #SaluteTheHero initiative to provide free lunch to delivery executives regardless of their employer/brand at 50+ Colive properties in Bengaluru. This endeavor happens to be the brainchild of Colive before the partners joined hands to thank the delivery workers. The campaign has been a resounding success with firm backing from customers on social media throughout India, united by the hashtag #SaluteTheHero with over a million people searching the hashtag that received over 150 likes.

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To spread the word and be a part of this campaign, each time a delivery materializes, all you need to do is upload a thank you note with their delivery executives’ number on their social media page with #SaluteTheHero and tag @Colive. You can also enter the required details on its official website, The particular start-up company will gift a meal to the delivery executive by sending them a list of locations where the free meal is available. The delivery heroes can walk in and pick up their free meal from 12 o’clock to 2 o’clock before resuming their work post-lunch. They only need to show their ID card for verification.

Colive that offers PG accommodation in Bengaluru launched the initiative during the 1st week of May 2021, striving to deliver 50,000 meals to delivery executives during the lockdown as local eateries were closed which used to be the go-to place for these young heroes to grab a quick bite as they move. Using its distribution network of 100+ properties in Bengaluru, Colive ensures that the food is distributed across all locations while making it fresh and warm with a central kitchen.

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