World’s First Virtual Mars NFTs Are Selling Fast: Metaverse Mars4 Raises Over $250k A Day 

Mars4 is a Metaverse and peer-to-peer gaming ecosystem where you can explore a geographically precise 3D virtual Mars, own and customise your land, and take advantage of the world’s first revenue-generating NFT.  

Mars4 users can later develop civilisations and a market economy on land plots they purchase. With over $250K raised from Mars4 NFT sales in just one day, now is the perfect time to consider becoming a Mars landlord and reaping the benefits.  

NASA and other space agencies create Mars4 NFTs, which are fully realised in 3D graphics, representing geographically precise plots of land across the surface of Mars.  

What is the Epoch system? Let’s have a brief look.  

Investors are rewarded in stages in the Epoch system, so the earlier one invests, the better their returns are.  

For you to become familiar with the Epoch system, we have provided more details below:  

Mars4 investors who purchased NFTs during or before the current Epoch (Epoch 1) will receive 51% of the earnings of the next Epoch (Epoch 2), redistributed in Mars4 Tokens (‘Mars4 dollars’) in one lump sum after the NFTs of that Epoch is sold.  

The Epoch System has five Epochs, each consisting of a fixed range of NFTs. Income generated by an Epoch is always redistributed to the NFTs’ owners who invested in any previous Epoch that preceded it.  

Throughout the system, investors who hold earlier Epochs will earn greater returns. Furthermore, you can expect that the prices of NFTs will go up after an Epoch ends. The Epoch system is based on the scarcity principle: the fewer the available lands, the greater their relative value.  

Almost 56,000 NFTs have been sold, and there are still 3,000 NFTs left before the Epoch’s first redistribution phase starts. When Epoch 2 is reached, investors who previously purchased NFTs will receive 51% of the income generated in Epoch 2 from the sale of Mars4 dollars. 

Integrating Mars4 Tokens: A Virtual Economy 

Our upcoming survival game set on Mars4’s red planet will integrate both the Mars4 Token and Mars4 NFT Land, bringing an entirely new experience to our NFTs and enabling them to generate revenue for their holders.  

It allows players and holders to use their personal space on Mars by purchasing NFT Lands, virtual locations in which the game is played. Metaverse players and investors will earn returns in Mars4 Tokens for building up thriving communities within their NFT land plots. The Metaverse will have survival and colonisation mechanics.  

Furthermore, Mars4 Token will be used as the game’s core currency, resulting in an entirely virtual economy that creates real-world wealth.  

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