Picture-perfect Spots For Instagrammers in Dubai

In the era of social media and digital content creation, youngsters are finding new ways to make money. They are showcasing their creative side on social media, so that brands reach out to them. Instagram is certainly one such platform. As content creators or Instagrammers, the young people continuously bring up edgy content on the social media platforms. 

If you are a travel content creator, then this post is for you. Travel content creators get to explore so many places. Once they reach a level of prominence, they start visiting international destinations at a cheaper rate or on a paid partnership. So, if you ever visit Dubai, don’t forget to visit the listed places below which can be a prize catch for your camera. 

Iranian Mosque in Dubai 

Image Credits: Locationscout

Located in Jumeirah, Iranian mosque is the most famous Shia Mosque in Dubai. Iranian mosque is also known as the Persian Mosque because its architecture is inspired by quasi-Fatima with Persian influences. With its architecture and colourful interiors and exteriors, the mosque is a picture-perfect location in Dubai. Additionally, unlike most of the mosques around the globe, Iranian mosque allows non-Islamic visitors inside the premises but only four times a week. 

Arches at Dubai Creek Harbour 

Image Credits:

The Dubai Creek Harbour is a popular place because of the view of a skyline it offers. Hence, you can create a romantic photoshoot at Dubai Creek Harbour, but make sure to include the giant silver arches in your frames. 

Wings of Mexico in Downtown Dubai 

Image Credits: Flickr

With Burj Khalifa right in the background of this beautiful sculpture taking a picture becomes a necessity. Wings of Mexico is one of the most recognisable sculptures in Dubai. It was designed by a Mexican artist named Jorge Marin and represents the human desire to take flight. 

Museum of the Future 

Located at the Madinat Jumeirah, the museum of the future is a technology-themed museum. It is built on over five years of immersive exhibitions created for the World Government Summit, a global platform dedicated to showcase near future technologies and address challenges related to health, water, food, transportation, and energy. This museum happens to be a leading example of entrepreneurial governments welcoming change and creating futuristic visions for a better world. 

Love Lake 

It is a hidden gem is merely a smooth10-minute drive away from Dubai’s Al Qudra Lake. Love lake is full of hearts. From its entrance door to heart-shaped ornaments made of sticks, Love lake is a breathtaking beauty you should not be missing while you are in Dubai. 

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