Online Teaching: Ten free resources for Educators

Virtual instruction can be challenging in a lot of ways with a lack of resources being the prominent one. But don’t worry. Companies and organizations serving this market in the US have stepped up to help. Here is a list of free tools, services and resources — aimed at helping educators to keep their students learning and engaged.

1.      Numerade

It is a free online education platform and includes a feature called Office Hours that lets teachers create video lessons using its recording and whiteboard system. This platform also enables teachers to create a playlist from more than 200,000 existing videos as well as receive anonymous questions from students and answer them through video.

2.      Symbaloo

It is a content integration system which provides its PRO version, free, to all educators. The platform has a gallery of 400,000 webmixes and 7,500 Learning Paths that are searchable by grade level and subject.

3.      Hand2mind

This is a video lesson platform which now has a website called teach@home: Daily Lessons & Activities for K–5 Students. It offers free daily lessons and activities created and delivered by teachers.

4.      Fiveable

It is a free social learning platform for both high school students and teachers specifically focused on Advanced Placement preparation. The site offers live streams, trivia battles and Q&A forums where students can connect directly with teachers across 15 different AP subjects within English, STEM, History and Social Sciences.

5.      Feedback Fruits

This platform offers eight free pedagogical tools that help higher education teachers to create engaging online courses. Tools cover a wide range of online teaching necessities from interactive study materials to online assessment solutions.

6.      PBLWorks

They have developed a resource site to provide teachers with best practices and tools to support project-based learning remotely which include project ideas, examples and webinars with teachers sharing their stories.

7.      Curriculum Associates

They have made a variety of free resources available to families and teachers. They have included printable activity packs and guidance to support learning at home.

8.      Skype a scientist

This is a very interesting platform as it lets teachers and students meet and talk with scientists from all over the world. Teachers can choose a scientist that fits their lesson needs and get teacher planning resources for the session.

9.      Reading Eggs

It is offering several free educational printouts for reading and math, including Alphabet iSpy placemats and a phonics book for kindergarteners.

10.  Ringbeller This platform is very useful for educators who want to develop skills like creativity, collaboration and kindness in their students. They release five episodes. The company releases five episodes of its “edutainment” video content, designed for students in kindergarten through fifth grade on the RingbellerYoutube channel.

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