NRI Tycoon Pays Rs 1 Crore’ Blood Money’ To Save Indian Man

M A Yusuffali, a prominent businessman and philanthropist, saved a 45-year-old Indian sentenced to death in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for murdering a young Sudanese boy in a road mishap in 2012.

Yusuffali spent around Rs 1 crore as blood money to free Becks Krishnan. So now, Becks can’t even believe that he will be out of the bar and come back to his motherland to be with his family.

Kerala origin Krishnan was ordered to be hanged by the UAE Supreme Court after being identified guilty of killing a young boy from Sudan when he drove his car rashly and rammed it into a group of children in September 2012.

Since then, Krishnana’s family and friends had been trying hard to release him, but nothing was fruitful until they had decided to approach the Chairman of Lulu Group, Yusuffali, who had done every bit to get the details of the case and gotten in touch with all stakeholders.

It had been a bit difficult for the business tycoon and the Krishnan’s family because the victim’s family had already headed back home and settled in Sudan, putting a stop to any discussion or pardon.

This year in January, the victim’s family in Sudan eventually agreed to forgive Krishnan. Consequently, Yusuffali paid Rs 1,00,000,00 (500,000 Dirhams) as compensation in the UAE SC to ensure Krishnan’s release, as per the statement issued by the Lulu group.

Speaking with the Indian embassy officials on June 2 in Al Watba Jail in Abu Dhabi, Krishnan became emotional about the news of his release. “It’s a re-birth for me because I had become hopeless of seeing the outer world again, and live freely again,” he was quoted as saying in the statement. “Now, my only wish is to see Yusuffali before flying back to my family in India.”

Yusuffali thanked almighty for the release of Krishnan and wished him a happy and peaceful life ahead when asked for his comments. The legal procedure related to the Krishnan case was completed by June 3. He is waiting to go back to his hometown in Kerala soon, ending nine years of agony, the Lulu Group’s one of the senior officers told Press Trust of India.

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