NRI Businessman Ravi Pillai Sets Up Rs 15 Crore Fund For Covid Victims’ Families

RP Foundation, an organization formed by NRI businessman Ravi Pillai, aims to provide funding of Rs 15 crore as monetary compensation to those who lost their loved ones due to Covid-19.

“Many Malayalis, including the expatriate community, have been victims of the pandemic,” said Ravi Pillai during a virtual press conference conducted on June 10. “The death of the breadwinner pushes one family into penury, and in certain cases, hapless children are orphaned.”

“Many affected people have reached out to me directly or through my foundation, which led me to decide to set apart Rs 15 crore for offering financial support to such families,” he added.

Ravi Pillai-led RP Foundation has been active in terms of responding to the pandemic situation in different countries.

According to Pillai, the foundation has been providing financial support, including offering travel fare, to many families stranded in different regions of the world. Other than that, as a “joint initiative with the government of Kerala, we have set up a Covid-19 treatment centre with 250 beds at Sankaramangalam School, Chavara.”

“I realize that this is a time of profound crisis when one is expected to take care of the needy and the underprivileged, Pillai further added. “Hence, easing their pain is my utmost importance, and I believe this is my foremost duty as a fellow human being as well as a citizen.”

Rs 15 crore will be allocated without any delay. Of this, Rs 5 crore is reserved for the members of the Malayali expatriate community, which will be handed over to the Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan, he said. Then it will be disbursed through the state’s agency for NRIs, NORKA Roots.

RP Foundation aims to use Rs 10 crore to offer financial assistance to people under several categories, including families facing severe financial crisis due to the loss of their breadwinner, families unable to meet their daughters’ marriage expenses widows needing monetary support.

“We aim to reach out to the maximum number of people who find it difficult to meet their financial needs during these testing times,” the chairman stated.

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