Four Reasons That Make Singapore One Of The Best Places For NRIs To Work 

Located in South East Asia, Singapore happens to be a renowned business hub in the region. It gets a lot of investments from popular companies spread across the globe due to its business-friendly policies. As a result, of the same, the city has several job opportunities, especially for those in the technical and financial domains. Apart from offering a good scope for career development, there are multiple benefits of working in the country. Let us look into these. 

Vast Employment Opportunities 

Being one of the prime business centres the country has a lot of jobs in the labour market. This can be a huge relief for foreign workers looking to shift their base to an alien land. Experienced professionals in financial services, information technology etc. can expect a lot of opportunities in the country and it won’t be wrong to say that they will be spoilt for choice. 

High Pay Packets 

Apart from good job opportunities, experienced professionals from various domains can expect excellent take-home packages as well. The country offers good salaries and perks to skilled candidates. To make it clearer, an accountant’s average annual salary comes to around 1,35, 000 SGD and a web developer can easily earn a yearly amount of close to 82,000 SGD. Hence, salary-wise the country has ticked all the right boxes. 

Easy Processing Of Work Permits 

In certain countries even if a person manages to find a job he has to wait for some time to get the work and residence permits in his hands. In Singapore it is not so, as applying for a work permit takes only a few minutes and the result will be out in a day as well. Also, the renewal process is very convenient and smooth. And, residence permits are generally given for the same period as the work permit. 

Social Security Perks 

Employees in the country have to offer contributions to the Singapore social security system each month from their salaries. This is called the Central Provident Fund (CPF), and the scheme is in place since 1955. These so-called deductions offer cover for social security and healthcare purposes and can be a relief at the time of retirement. But as a foreigner in the country, it becomes applicable only when the individual becomes a Singapore Permanent Resident. 

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