How Beneficial Is Indonesia’s Second-Home Visa For Foreign Nationals? 

Indonesia has unveiled Second-Home Visa today, permitting foreigners to reside in the country for five or 10 years. Through this initiative, the country intends to attract businessmen and investors from across the globe to indulge in business activity.  

As a result from now on, foreign nationals only have to apply for single submission for one visa, one Limited Stay Permit and one Re-Entry Permit in total. And, when they come to Indonesia via the immigration checkpoint, their Second-Home Limited Stay Permit gets issued automatically and despatched to emails. Individuals can apply for Second-Home Visa via the Indonesian Director General Of Immigration’s App.  

Those possessing a second home visa will get the benefit of bringing family members, including spouses, children and parents to the country. 

Requirements To Obtain The Visa? 

  • A passport that has a validity of at least 36 months; 
  • Funds in the form of an account belonging to a foreigner or Guarantor with at least a value of IDR 2,000,000,000 (two billion Rupiah) or equivalent; 
  • Recent colour photograph on a white background; 
  • Resume of the Individual 

The immigration office also specified that a visa application will only turn valid if furnished by a foreigner or guarantor to the concerned or relevant immigration officer at the directorate general of immigration.  

Despite being barred from owning land in Indonesia, non-natives are permitted to lease the land and take ownership of the property constructed on the land. The proof that they have funds deposited at an Indonesian state-owned bank or property ownership certificates has to be furnished before officers at the immigration offices within 90 days after the issuance of their Second-Home Stay Permit. 

The applying candidates have to cough up a non-tax state revenue charge of 3 million rupiahs. This could be given outside the territory of Indonesia via the non-tax state revenue online payment portal. The country is aiming to draw as many foreigners as possible to Indonesia for several purposes and activities with the visa initiative. 

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