Anthologies are Setting New Trend in Indian Cinema

Nothing can be more exciting for an avid movie watcher..

US police force witness the first ever Malayali Association in the history

An association for the Malayali police officers has formed in..

5 relatable shows for the Indian diaspora to binge watch

There aren’t many shows that can quite grasp the dynamic..

The Rosenberg European Academy of Ayurveda: advancing legacy of ayurveda in europe

There is a relatively newfound interest in Ayurveda, as a..

A car to a flying car in less than three minutes

The automotive world has eagerly been waiting for the first..

Indie Bookstores Going Online

Bookstores and book fests teeming with hoards of people were..

Filmfare launches new digital celebrity chat show, ‘Filmfare Spotlight’

The digital streaming industry has put forth a gamut of..

Study from Home: Best Platforms for Online Learning

Studying when a pandemic is disrupting every aspect of our..

Ice Trekking over a Lake

If you are a traveller and fond of trekking, especially..

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