A car to a flying car in less than three minutes

The automotive world has eagerly been waiting for the first flying car to become a reality.  Various companies in different parts of the world are working hard to realize the concept of a car that runs on the road and then flies in the sky. In the midst of that, the Slovakia manufacturer Klein  Vision announced the successful completion of the first test flight of the flying car ‘AirCar’.   

The company, which shared the test flight video at Piestany Airport in Slovakia, has also expressed hope that AirCar will go on sale commercially by next year. The AirCar can be transformed from a road car to an aeroplane in less than 3 minutes. The company, led by Professor Stephen Klein, announced successful test flights of the two-seater AirCar, which weighs 1,100 kg and includes an additional 200 kg.

The first test flight of the fifth-generation aircar was then at an altitude of 1,500 feet.  Klein Vision also mentioned that follow-up trials of ‘Flying Car’ will not be delayed.  The AirCar is designed to cover a maximum of 620 miles (approximately 1,000 km) in one flight and has a flight consumption of 18 liters per hour. The car is powered by a 1.6 liter BMW engine with an efficient power output of 140HP.

Klein Vision describes AirCar as a combination of different components capable of operating independently.  The car has a retractable wing, a retractable tail, and a parachute deployment system.  The center is designed in an aerodynamic style and has ample space for passengers. At the same time, the fuselage is designed to fly easily when in flight.  Klein Vision claims that the AirCar will be able to fly off just 984 feet of runway.  As the tail is retractable, it has the advantage of being compact when converted into a car. Klein Vision plans to launch  AirCar, having a seating capacity of two and four passengers.  Researches have also been done on variants that can descend into and out of the waters as if they were on land.  Klein Vision promises that by next year, AirCar will be able to run on the road and fly in the sky after obtaining legal approvals.  But beyond that, the company has not even given any hints about the price of this ‘flying car’.

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