5 relatable shows for the Indian diaspora to binge watch

There aren’t many shows that can quite grasp the dynamic experience of the Indian diaspora accurately.

It is onerous to find relatable shows and movies about the NRI community that aren’t drenched in age-old tropes. Hence, we’ve put together a list of relevant shows in the contemporary era and are engaging at the same time. Have fun!

1.Never Have I Ever

The perfect watch for teen diaspora would be Mindy Kaling’s Never Have I Ever. Devi, the central character, is a nerdy and angsty Indian-American teen living who struggles to fit in between two cultures. She is a welcome complex female lead with a character arc that is remarkable. Not only is she proud of her academic abilities, but she also navigates through intense personal struggles caused by her identity as a second-generation immigrant in a veritable fashion. The comedy-drama has gained a considerable amount of popularity since it was released on Netflix in April this year.

2.Family Karma

Who doesn’t like some good old fashioned reality TV? Family Karma is the first American reality show about Indian-Americans, featuring seven friends from Miami. The show offers an entertaining take on the privileged life of these Indian families. Even though the primary focus is on the seven youngsters attuned to Miami’s social life, the aunties and grandmas don’t fail to sprinkle in ‘Indian’ values and traditions throughout the episodes. This amusing collision of the two cultures is something you should go for if you want to unwind after a stressful day. It is available on NBC.

3.The Mindy Project

When it comes to stories of the diaspora, no one does it better than Mindy Kaling. In this comedy-drama that lasted six seasons on Hulu, Kaling takes on a romantically frustrated second generation immigrant doctor, inspired by her own mother. It’s a simple and fun watch mostly focused on the romantic adventures and friendships of Mindy.

4.Indian Matchmaking

A particular Indian show which created a lot of buzzes this year was Indian Matchmaking. Matchmaker Seema Taparia is on a quest to find partners for her clients from both India and the US in this reality show. The regressive intricacies involved in the arranged marriage process for the privileged clientele will force the viewer to think objectively. This show put up a mirror in front of Indians to acknowledge the façade of our progressive thinking about marriage and family. The show follows through the trials of many young clients of Taparia and is available on Netflix.

5.Master of None

An offbeat comedy series about the personal and professional experiences of a 30-year-old second-generation immigrant sums up Master of None. Aziz Ansari takes the central role of a struggling actor in this hilarious experimental Netflix sitcom that has garnered many accolades. The show also takes up issues like racism and feminism while offering an authentic take on the immigrant experience.

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