New Jersey Teen Nitin Vijay-Martin Creates GoFundMe Page, Raises Funds To Help India Battling Pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic brought our lives to an abrupt halt, disrupting normal life and causing death and devastation. Unending queues in front of hospitals and medicine shops created panic across the nation. 

Healthcare personnel in India are working relentlessly amid the second wave of Covid-19. The frontline workers have not given up even as their anguish stretched to the breaking point.   

With the second wave ravaging the country, hospitals have continued to turn away seriously ill patients. Pharmacies have been struggling to supply essential medicines. Chat groups are filled with pleas for food delivery, home sanitisation, and requests for other Covid-related supplies.  

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At a time when Indians are struggling to get back on their feet, a recent newsletter of the Vicente Ferrer Foundation has explained how an Indian-American high school sophomore, Nitin Vijay-Martin, has put his best foot forward to help the country battle the Covid-19 pandemic. 

The release explained how Nitin -a high schooler at Cherokee High School in Marlton, New Jersey- witnessed the devastation the pandemic was putting India through and decided to do his bit to make a difference. 

Extensive research that Nitin conducted found that the RDT Hospital in Bathalapalli provides support to people in the rural parts of India. He immediately decided to help their team. 

After creating a GoFundMe page, Nitin began reaching out to friends in his neighbourhood and various families in an attempt to support VFF USA’s “Mission Oxygen” efforts. With donations pouring in, Nitin was able to raise over $1,000 in just 24 hours. With the donations continuously coming in, he collected $2,500 to take oxygen supplies to India. 

The newsletter mentioned how Nitin’s grandparents and several relatives who live in Anantapur are incredibly proud of him, as are the US and Indian teams. 

The newsletter in question was dedicated to more than 200 ‘superheroes’ who spread the word among friends and families and made donations to help those in need. These people belong from all across the globe — US, India, Australia, New Zealand, Belgium, Canada, UK, France, Norway and Spain. 

The funds raised were used to buy PPE kits, oxygen cylinders, and other essential pharmaceutical and medical supplies in India to extend a helping hand to people in distress amid the pandemic. 

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