Mumbai Is The Costliest City In India For Expats: Mercer Survey 

Although Mumbai is a popular location for international organizations to set up operations due to the higher cost of living in the city, businesses are also taking into consideration other low-cost cities like Hyderabad, Chennai and Pune, as per the article published in People Matters. 

According to Mercer’s 2022 Cost of Living survey, Mumbai (127) is the most expensive city in India for ex-pats in terms of both living expenses and housing costs, followed by New Delhi (155), Chennai (177), Bengaluru (178), and Hyderabad (192), while Pune (201) and Kolkata (203) are the least expensive in the ranking. 

The survey, which was carried out in March 2022, also revealed that despite Mumbai, India’s financial centre, being a popular location for international businesses to set up shops, organizations are also taking into account other low-cost areas like Hyderabad, Chennai and Pune. 

In 227 cities spread across five continents, the list this year examines the costs of more than 200 items, including accommodation, transportation, food, clothes, home products and entertainment. 

In addition, when the housing market of India was investigated, Hyderabad turned out to be the cheapest among all the regions. When the cost of housing and the cost of living are both taken into consideration, Hyderabad came across as costlier than Pune and Kolkata. 

Mumbai among other Indian cities has some of the most expensive rent, followed by Bangalore and New Delhi. Accommodation expenses in the other Indian cities in the ranking—Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune, and Kolkata—are more than half as low as those in Mumbai. 

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