Mehta Fellowships For PROMYS At Boston University: All You Need To Know

PROMYS or the Program in Mathematics for Young Scientists is offering Mehta Fellowships again in 2022. For over three decades, PROMYS has been synonymous with deep exploratory mathematical learning for talented high school students and secondary teachers. A number of summer programmes cater to mathematically gifted high school students. Over six immersive weeks, participants practice the art of discovery through their intensive efforts to prove fundamental mathematical ideas. 

PROMYS alumni excel in academia, science, technology, finance, business and beyond. Approximately 50% of the alumni go on to earn doctorates, half of which are PhDs in mathematics. PROMYS 2022 will run from July 3 to August 13, 2022, at Boston University in the United States. Offered since 2015, Mehta Fellowships are the pilot programmes for PROMYS India, through which intelligent Indian students are provided financial assistance to attend the summer programme at the University of Boston. 

Funding Details 

Mehta Fellowships cover the full cost of participation in PROMYS including tuition, housing and meals for six weeks, visa fees and roundtrip travel to the United States. 


Age 14 to 18 (inclusive) at the start of PROMYS 

Attend high school/secondary school in India in 9th – 12th grade/standard (or +1, +2, or PUC) when applying and/or be a citizen of India (or OCI cardholder).  

Students already attending university are not eligible. 

The applicant must be in need of a scholarship or financial assistance to attend PROMYS 

Proficient in English – able to participate fully in mathematical discussions held entirely in English 

The mathematical material at PROMYS is very challenging, and participants will enjoy working intensively in the field of mathematics. 

How to Apply  

Submit the regular PROMYS application, plus school report card (marks sheet) and solutions to the application problems.  

Ask a mathematics teacher or mentor to submit the Mehta Teacher Recommendation Form (not the regular Teacher Recommendation Form). Please note that PROMYS will not be contacting the mathematics teacher. Please follow up with the recommender to ensure the form is submitted by March 15. 

Ask a parent or guardian to submit the Mehta Financial Form (not the regular Financial Aid Form) by March 15. The form can be submitted separately from the application and will require proof of income to be uploaded. 

The application deadline is March 15, 2022. Applicants should give themselves plenty of time to work on the application problems and come up with solutions. Many students even spend weeks thinking about the problems. 

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