Medical Graduates’ Body Launches DronaCare To Offer Free Covid-19 Care Advice

DronaCare, a no-cost platform, has recently been launched by the Association of Kerala Medical Graduates (AKMM) to help people combating the Covid-19. The Covid-19 care platform has been made aiming to create a space that doctors can use at their leisure time to provide advice virtually on how not to fall for misinformation around Covid-19.  

Only those doctors who sign up to become a member of AKMG are allowed to access the platform. This has been done to maintain DronaCare’s authenticity and avoid misusage of the platform.  

As AKMG aims to help people create awareness around Covid-19, the organisation says that it is solely focused to offer free consultancy provided through DronaCare, so people can be more aware of how to tackle Covid-19 without falling for any rumours. It also made clear that the platform doesn’t offer any medical consultation.  

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As a Corporate Social Responsibility initiative (CSR), AKMG developed DronaCare, collaborating with Innovation Incubator to assist Indians to combat the ongoing Covid-19.  

“Our members have been in the forefront in the battle against Covid-19 and while we collectively continue to use DronaCare in managing the pandemic in North America and Canada, we also want to extend our helping hands to everyone back in India,” Dr Subrahmanya Bhat, MD, a leading pulmonologist based out of USA and President of AKMG, was quoted as elaborating.   

Dr Bindu Sudhakaran, MD, stated that as the spread of misinformation on Covid-19 keeps growing, leading to critical conditions, AKMG wanted to introduce such a platform on which doctors volunteer to provide reliable and verified Covid-19 information, making it available to everybody.  

Targeting over 80,000 medical doctors of Indian origin in the United States, DronaCare has been introduced, so the community can reach out to the people from their motherland and offer them help. It was not possible without the partnership of Innovation Incubator.  

“As during these testing times, technology plays a crucial role in bridging gaps, sharing expertise while offering care across borders, DronaCare aims to do the same by providingon-demandng Covid-19 advice easily accessible on demand from specialists around the globe,” Ajith Kavirajan, Vice President of Innovation Incubator Advisory Pvt Ltd, Kerala, was quoted as stating.  

DronaCare is available at iOS users can download the app from the App store. Android users, however, have to wait for a bit as it is not available on the Play Store. 

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