Love for a Language: Non-Arab Students from Indian curriculum school tops Global Online Arabic Language Competition

JSS Private School, a school, affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education and following CBSE curriculum in Dubai becomes the global winner of the seven-day Federation of British International Schools in Asia (FOBISIA) Languages Perfect Competition 2020.  A total of 744 students (all non-Arabs) from Grade 4 to Grade 9 were tested on four different Arabic language skills- reading, writing, speaking and listening. The 324 participant schools JSS, with mostly non-Arab students, beat many other Arab schools to secure this achievement.

According to Khaleej Times, Dr.Marwa Ali Maher Mahiaa, head of department for Arabic at JSS Private School, said, “Thirty-four of our students got the highest scoreboard rating; followed 116 in the second-highest category; 128 students bagged the gold rating; 179 silver, 577 bronze and 1,103 in the last category.” She also added that this was a huge achievement for a school that did not have a syllabus to follow for the competition and attributed the victory to the hard work and fluency of the students and staff who spent hours practising the language and clearing various difficulty levels.

Indian student Nathan Peter D’Mello, who topped the competition, said that he had spent eight hours a day at the online competition and loved the concept of learning Arabic in such a manner.

Shivaani J Nair, another Indian student who came third in the competition, said: “Arabic is the language of the country where I live and consider my second home. Moreover, learning Arabic provides me with a good understanding of the culture here. I started learning Arabic in grade 2 since I came to Dubai. I woke up early morning with full enthusiasm to answer the questions online and also sat on it after school hours. I have learned a pile of new words that I have already started included in my daily vocabulary. My listening and speaking skills also have improved very much after this competition.” The competition was held between November 4 and 11 and JSS School students secured the highest total score of 174,110 points. The British International School Abu Dhabi was placed second and Al Rabeeh Academy came third in the competition.


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