Louis XIII: World’s Most Expensive Pizza Slices That Take 72 Hours To Prepare

Pizza lovers, do you salivate at the thought of a hot pizza topped with your favourite veggies, slivers of meat, and lots of cheese? With this account, let’s talk about the most expensive pizza globally.  

Though everybody worldwide experiments with different toppings and flavours, one group created an exclusive and exotic pizza becoming the world’s most expensive pizza to date.  

To enjoy this hand-crafted dish, you would have to shell out, wait for it, USD 12000 or INR 77 lakhs. Yes, just like we said, the Louis XIII pizza is the world’s most expensive pizza.  

Renato Viola is a master pizza chef who is an expert in Italian cuisine. He is a member of the Italian Acrobatic Pizza Team and is considered one of the world’s most famous pizza chefs. During his stay in India, he shared his extensive culinary knowledge with 1441 Pizzeria, a restaurant in Mumbai. There are rumours that the restaurant could go on an expansion drive, and we could see more outlets popping up around the city under Chef Renato’s guidance.  

He tells about the most expensive pizza in the world – Louis XIII, which costs $12000 and contains some of the rarest and exotic ingredients you can imagine!  

Louis XIII was designed by Renato Viola for a select few and is every pizza lover’s dream come true. It is a small pizza with a diameter of 20 cm and is fit for two people. A catering team prepared it on-site, including a pizza chef (Renato Viola), a sommelier (a wine specialist), and another chef who prepared the ingredients before assembling the pizza.  

In addition to the limited-edition cutlery, the pizza is also paired with a cognac that goes best with the exotic toppings and flavours. Chef Viola says that most of the ingredients are from France and Italy.  

Mozzarella di bufala, a cheese made from the milk of domestic Italian buffaloes, gives this pizza it’s signature moist, chewy, and cheesy texture. In his opinion, the most expensive ingredients were lobsters- prepared and flamed in cognac. Additionally, three types of exotic caviars, Mediterranean shrimp species, and pink salt handpicked from the Murray River go into making the most expensive pizzas.  

Its exotic ingredients, the amount of preparation and craft put into making the pizza contribute to an absolute culinary marvel of Louis XIII.  

Wondering where you can get this pizza?  

Available for sale at the Agropoli in Salerno, Italy. Due to the special ingredients and preparation, which includes preparing and resting the dough 72 hours in advance, advance notice is required.  

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