Indian-Origin Ajay Singh Sacked From Scotland Yard Ranks Over Misconduct

A Scotland-based Indian police officer was sacked from the Scotland Yard ranks in London after pleading guilty to harassment in a London court. Ajay Singh who is part of the North Area Basic Command Unit of the Metropolitan Police in London was facing a misconduct hearing. During the trial, Ajay was found to have breached the Standards of Professional Behaviour along with Discreditable Conduct to the level of gross misconduct on August 17. 

“The actions of police constable Singh were reprehensible; particularly given they were committed against his colleagues. His motive for these malicious offences remains unclear, and they have had a significant negative impact on his victims,” Detective Chief Superintendent Treena Fleming, in charge of local policing in Enfield and Haringey area of London, was quoted as saying by news agency PTI. 

“This kind of conduct has no place in the Met and the hearing has rightly determined that PC Singh should be dismissed,” she added. 

This is not the first time Ajay has pleaded guilty to harassment. He was found guilty to the same cause earlier as well. Woolwich Crown Court in May sentenced him for the crime of harassing his five colleagues- four women and one man. He is yet to be sentenced for his previous crime. 

In October 2020, Ajay who was not on duty made several malicious and threatening phone calls to the fellow police officers in question. The calls that contained threats, personal insults and verbal abuse, were made from a withheld number. 

One of the victims reported the matter last year itself on October 19. After enquiries by officers, it was found that the phone used during the offences belonged to Ajay. Later that day, before being released on bail, he was arrested. 

Other charge sheets were added on November 16, 2020, when the remaining victims reported the offences against them. 

Ajay Singh was charged in March 2021 via postal requisition. He has been suspended from his duty with effect from October 2020. 

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