India Asks China To Give Visas To Its Citizens Meeting Travel Criteria

The government of India has requested Beijing to issue visas to its students and professionals, who meet China’s travel conditions like taking Chinese-made anti-Covid vaccines. The Chinese embassy in India in March had said it would consider granting visas to those taking Chinese-made vaccines for Covid-19.

As per a statement by the Foreign Ministry of India, “People from China, including Chinese nationals, can now travel to India despite the absence of direct connectivity. However, travel to China is not possible for Indian citizens since last November as the Chinese government had suspended existing visas.”

Last year in November, China announced a travel ban for Indians and some citizens of other countries as a temporary measure.

“In March this year, the Chinese embassy issued a notification, facilitating visas for those who are taking Chinese-made vaccines,” the Foreign Ministry stated. “Although several Indians have applied for Chinese visas after getting inoculated but are yet to be issued visas. As these Indians meet the requirements laid down by the Chinese authorities, we hope that the Chinese embassy in India would be able to issue to them visas soon.”

The Indian Government said that it is talking to the Chinese government for early resumption of travel by Indian nationals to China, especially for those who study or work there.

“While we administer the need to ensure safety and strictly follow Covid protocols, essential two-way travel should be allowed, especially because Chinese nationals are permitted to enter India,” the Foreign Ministry said.

Foreign nationals entering China must endure lengthy hotel quarantine process, with major cities tightening quarantine norms in recent weeks over fears of coronavirus variants, including the Delta variant that was first detected abroad.

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