I-Ready Personalised Instruction: The New Normal for students in UAE for online learning

The blended learning option in UAE has been strengthened by one of UAE’s trusted education service provider-EduEnhance. Founded with the ambition to bring a ‘learning-revolution for children’ in Middle East Africa and South Asia, it now offers a core programme known as i-ready. An award-winning online personalised instruction for reading and mathematics, i-ready is used by over 10 million students across the globe to enhance their literary and mathematical skills.

It has earned the Research-Based- Design Product certification ­from Digital Promise which is aimed at further enhancing the reliability of the product among consumer, mainly educators, parents and administrations who look more for evidence of research-based educational technology products. The main advantage of this certification has been that it enables consumers to choose edutech programs that are truly based on high-quality research about learning before applying it in their class. i-ready has also been awarded the ‘Best Student Personalisation Solution’ at the EdTech Breakthrough Awards in 2020.

“As we navigate the unchartered territories of online learning in the core curriculum, it is imperative that focus remains on the child’s well-being while they learn remotely, in school or using a hybrid model. The importance of empowering, enabling and supporting educators and parents cannot be emphasised enough. It is not about the number of online resources being offered to the child or the cost of the device. On the other contrary, children should be offered programs that offer multiple solutions in one platform, demonstrate the ease of navigation, are engaging and offer actionable data that is customised to the child’s individual needs,” says EduEnhance CEO IrumFarhat Farooq in a report by EdArabia, commenting on the kind of education that will follow in a post-COVID-19 world. EdTech programs are being hailed these days due to its role in helping students perform tasks including assignments and tests easily on internet-enabled devices and also reducing the burden of carrying many books. i-ready is available in the UAE and larger MENA region for schools, teachers and parents through EduEnhance, which represents the US-based company Curriculum Associates across 11 countries Middle East, North Africa and Asia.

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