Growing Demand For Homestay Is Good News For Tourism Sector

The burgeoning crisis in recent times happens to be the Covid-19, which has shaken every human on the planet and disturbed our routine life. Staying safe and maintaining Covid protocols are integral parts of our lives. Also, I could relate very well with the article written by Sumanti Sen on Revenge Travel published on the website of NRI Vision. It aptly described how people are switching to revenge travelling as an escape from their tedious life.  

Just like a flock of birds caged inside and ready to flee when unlocked, people were waiting for tourism-related curbs to be lifted to travel with ease. This trend of revenge travelling can be attributed to the available anti-Covid vaccines that have diminished the fear of threat to life.  

Concepts such as staycation and workcation surfaced during the pandemic and these implied staying for a longer duration in someplace away from home. Also, they preferred to stay in small properties which they can entirely hire for themselves or club with their close acquaintances. Having “homestays” as the viable option covered all the bases from ensuring sanitization, security to the least amount of contact.  

Travellers are looking for homestays that best suit their mood of outing, communication feasibility, food choice and budget, of course. These offer a place to escape from the chaos of daily life and hustle and bustle of city life, feasible enough to drive, within reach of cellular network and internet, with an option of local cuisines or kitchenette, close to nature with splendid views and many more things.  

With “Work from Anywhere” being the latest norm in work culture, homestays at motorable distance located nearby major towns and cities of the country have become highly desirable. Even if the hospitality industry is greatly impacted and losing revenues but the growing demand for homestays can slowly revive the growth of tourism.  

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