Godrej Introduces Customised Dishwashers For Indian Kitchens

Godrej & Boyce, the flagship company of the Godrej Group, announced the launch of a new range of Godrej Eon Dishwashers to the Indian Dishwashers market.   

Backed by Steam Wash, Anti-Germ UV-Ion Technology and Turbo Drying, Godrej Eon Dishwashers offer deep and hygienic cleaning suitable for Indian kitchens. Aiming to change prevailing misconceptions about dishwashers, such as cleaning efficacy, water wastage, electricity consumption etc., the company says the product is ideal for a place setting of 12 to 13 in an Indian kitchen and can wash up to 91 utensils and cutlery at a go. It is capable of washing large pressure cookers, kadhais, frying pans and tawas and washing expensive dinner sets and delicate glasses and cups with care.   

Godrej introduces such a product to the Indian market, aiming to save people’s time and mitigate health risks during the Covid-19 pandemic.    

“The pandemic has affected especially city-based consumers as they are juggling their office work with household chores while trying to limit their dependence on domestic help to avoid health risks, which has led to an increase in effort minimising appliances like dishwashers,” Kamal Nandi, Business Head and Executive Vice president at Godrej Appliances, was quoted as saying. “We have been working on various technologies around the themes of health, hygiene, and effort minimisation since the start of the pandemic, and our dishwashers offer a better way to do the dishes conveniently and efficiently while maintaining hygiene.”  

Features of Godrej Eon Dishwasher  

  • Smart wash technology includes special turbidity sensors that spot the amount of particle matter in water and adjust the washing cycle parameters like required amount of water, temperature, duration accordingly. However, the machine can be adjusted for soft or hard water.  
  • Steam wash technology helps to remove sticky grease and stubborn food stains.   
  • UV technology disinfects the dishes, eliminates bacteria, and the built-in ioniser omits odour using negative ions.  
  • Its direct wash function cleanses glasses and feeding bottles, while the Triple Wash Function enables two extra sprays at the back of the machine for hard soiled pans, cookers etc.  
  • The feature of auto door open automatically opens the door slightly during drying. It reduces the energy required to dry the dishes. 

With a 2-year warranty, the Godrej Eon dishwasher is available in 12 and 13 place setting across three variants, starting price at Rs 37900 plus taxes.  

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