FC Barcelona To Enter The Metaverse And NFTs  

FC Barcelona, a famous soccer club in Spain and Europe, has announced its ambitions to profit from the emergence of the metaverse and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in the cryptocurrency market. The club’s president, Joan Laporta, described how the club intends to dominate all of these markets to increase fan participation worldwide.  

One of Spain’s and Europe’s most powerful soccer teams, FC Barcelona, has indicated its aim to grow into new commercial sectors such as metaverse and NFTs. The expansion’s goal is to increase the club’s involvement by using modern technology. Joan Laporta, the club’s president, spoke about the organization’s forthcoming movements, saying:  

Recently, blockchain goods and services such as NFTs and metaverse have received a lot of interest. We should be able to provide digital goods to our members and supporters that align with the club’s values and provide a uniquely emotional experience.  

Laporta also mentioned that the club was planning to launch its first NFT drop shortly, although he didn’t elaborate.  

Technology-Assisted Expansion:  

FC Barcelona, a club with almost 120 years of history, is already considering implementing this new technology to increase income and fan involvement worldwide. Laporta also hinted at the club’s potential to issue its own cryptocurrency, rather than the fan token that is currently accessible and was developed in collaboration with Socios.  

With the establishment of Barca Studios, which will centralize the creation of all of the team’s audiovisual offerings and the Barca Innovation Hub, which will incorporate new technology into the team’s workflow, the club is already laying the groundwork to support this new route.  

Laporta claimed that the team was focused on growing to offer new goods and services tied to new technology to stay relevant. The club’s president declared: We wish to create new growth opportunities. Our objective is to win championships and please our fans, but we also need to take advantage of business opportunities in the sports sector. It’s a question of life and death.  

According to a survey released in August, big European teams have together made $200 million owing to the Socios platform’s fan token fever, with clubs increasingly viewing the development of such assets as a worthwhile activity. 

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