Empowering education: IIT Kharagpur and University of Leeds to promote Education and Research through collaboration

The rate of internationalization is growing rapidly, with unhindered communication channels and inexpensive travel. Universities across the world are these days seeking to make the most of the possibilities, this presents by forming global partnerships and fostering relationships with other institutions. The number of students choosing to study abroad has been increasing mainly because it offers the opportunity to travel internationally via any exchange programs.

The exchange programmes widen the scope of students providing skills necessary for life in the working world by enabling them to study, work, and travel in an international capacity as well as increase internationalization. Education and research are undoubtedly an important part of the growth and development of a country and it’s economy. The ability to scrutinize, debate, and share experience are essential for academic and scientific accomplishment. Constructively challenging accepted opinions and ideas is central to their development and international collaborations help to facilitate this. An initiative which will promote collaboration between institutes of different countries to aid this process will prove to be beneficial as more and more students will be able to be part of cross-cultural exchange of knowledge and academic processes that will help them have in-depth learning.

The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kharagpur and the University of Leeds, England, are precisely doing this to promote interaction and collaboration between faculty, staff and students of the two institutions. The primary objective is to enhance the relationship between the two institutes through visits and exchange programmes, carry out joint academic and research programmes, joint supervision of doctoral and masters students, on a reciprocal basis. The relationship also aims at enhancing the technological, social and cultural relations of both countries/states/regions. The scope of the Memorandum of Understanding, MoU, will include exploring joint PhD and master’s programmes, possibly in association with other reputable academics, research or industrial organisations apart from a short course, seminars, workshops and conferences. Both institutes will also consider tuition fee waivers for visiting students. SamitChakrabarty of the School of Biomedical Sciences will be the coordinator from University of Leeds and Professor Nilanjan Das Chakladar of mechanical engineering department the coordinator from IIT Kharagpur.

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