Emerging Destinations in Asia for Higher Education

International student mobility has changed a lot over the past decade or so. While earlier, it was very common for students in Asian countries to flock to the West for higher education, it can be seen that this trend is slowly fading. Countries like the US, UK, and Australia remain popular study abroad destinations. Still, as countries in Asia continue to develop and economies flourish, several universities on the continent are making names for themselves. There are many advantages of pursuing higher education in Asia, such as lower accommodation costs, diverse cities and culture, and milder weather compared to other continents. This would also help you in a great way to gain global skills and international mindsets. Here are some rising study abroad destinations in Asia, aside from the more common destinations such as China and Hong Kong.


This famous destination is known for many things worldwide apart from the quality of its universities. The economy is strong, the standard of living is high and it is one of the major world economic centres. In recent years, the government has also been trying to attract more international students by introducing more English taught courses and making admission easier. The University of Tokyo, Japan’s capital, is the 13th ranked University in Asia.


It is a small and most parts highly developed country with quality universities. For instance, the number one ranked University in Asia is the National University of Singapore, while the Nanyang Technological University is the third-ranked University in the region. Singapore is also popular for its multiculturalism as the country consists largely of immigrants from China, Malasia, and India.


It is the largest economy in Southeast Asia and has the fourth largest population in the world. International students looking for diversity would never get enough of it with an incredible range of cultures and languages. The University of Indonesia is the top University in the country and ranks 67th in the list of top universities in Asia.


Taiwan is one of the Asian countries whose educational system is famous for its technological and technical curriculum. The country’s most famous technological hub, the Hsinchu Science Park, is the Asian version of America’s Silicon Valley and many of the country’s universities are located close to this park. The National Taiwan University is the top University in the country and ranks 21st in Asia.


This is another favourite destination for international students and is also setting up local campuses to attract more international, thus lowering the tuition fees.

Kuala Lumpur, the capital city, is affordable and is home to several world-class universities including the University of Malaya, ranked 27th in Asia.

Source: asialink.edu.au

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