Ecole Inuit.lab’s PG Diploma Course Equips Students To Meet The A-Z Needs Of The Industry

Looking for professional training in industry-led visual arts? Then Ecole Inuit.lab might just be the perfect place for you. Ecole Inuit.lab is an elite French design and visual communicative school, which was started by leading industry professionals such as Patrick Felices, Clement Derock and Fredric Ledric in 2001. The school was one of the first to combine the power of the internet, mixed media branding with traditional design skills. Design forms an integral part of their environment and modern-day advances in advertising, graphics, branding and marketing are apt for designers to equip themselves to deal with the diverse requirements of industries as well as ushering in creative innovations. Pioneering courses at Ecole Inuit.lab aim to create professionals rooted in the industry from the beginning itself. Students are prepared well to meet the demands of graphic design and visual communication sectors around the world. The school has five branches in Paris, Mumbai, Kolkata, Marseille and Kolkata. Students get plenty of opportunities to gain exposure through student exchange programmes and internships with numerous partner universities and institutions. The school also conducts study trips to France and Mexico to explore the graphic culture and traditions. International workshops are also held involving acclaimed design professionals to initiate the students towards different cultures and creative techniques. 

Ecole Inuit.lab is offering an eighteen-month diploma in Advertising, Design & Digital Communication. It aims to provide an in-depth understanding of Branding, Design, Digital and Communicative Strategies. Whereas some design institutes stress on theoretical knowledge, this diploma blends theory with hands-on application. It also engages students in real-time client projects and group work with an attendant overseeing workshops and internship programmes. The programme boasts of a trained faculty that is diverse and belongs to multi-disciplinary backgrounds. 

Application to the programme is open to all those who possess a degree of graduation from any academic stream. The curriculum is divided into three semesters and a three to six-month-long industry internship. The first semester provides a foundational introduction to the fields of graphic design, advertising, brand strategy, computer graphics, marketing etc. Students are taught the fundamental principles of art and design to prepare them for future specializations. The second semester focuses on visual and graphical communication and the interplay of text and image in communication strategies. Students are also provided opportunities to interact with clients and pursue a week-long study trip to France. The third semester marks a transition to intensive professional training comprising editorial projects, problem-solving through design and assessing professional challenges through a mindset poised for the industry. The final phase is that of an industry internship that provides both in-field experience as well as professional advancement. Ecole Inuit.lab also has a commendable network of alumni, agencies and professionals who work with students during the course and offer excellent placement options after the completion of the diploma course. This network can be availed by the students through projects, internships and annual recruitment fairs. 

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