California Based NRI Organisations Join Hands To Help India’s Covid-19 Battle

Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) organisations based in the United States have come together to raise $50,000 out of their compassion and vision to help their fellow humans in India overcome the Covid-19 crisis.

The US in April 2021 witnessed a steady decline in the number of Covid-19 cases, resulting in portions of the economy opening up gradually. However, on the other hand, India had begun to face the deadly second wave of the coronavirus pandemic. The new Delta variant doubled the infections and deaths in the country of over 130 crore populations, sparking a humanitarian crisis because of the shortage of medical resources for severely ill patients, resulting in an alarming number of people losing their lives. Dallas-based philanthropists and founders of the HungerMitao movement, Raj and Aradhana Asava, responding to the crisis, initiated a matching donation challenge on Facebook of $25,000 and managed to raise $12,343. Based out of Los Angeles, Taiwan Centre Foundation of Greater Los Angeles simultaneously spearheaded a fundraiser in the Taiwan American community in LA, collecting $11,620 from several generous donors.

Combined fundraising efforts by these three entities, Taiwan Centre Foundation’s donation of $11,620, HTHF’s $1,037 and Raj and Aradhana Asava’s $12,343 through Facebook resulted in $25,000. A separate donation of $25,000 came from Raj and Aradhana Asava, resulting in $50,000.

These funds are expected to be sent to India through the Indian diaspora to set up Covid-19 Care Centres. Aimed to have an infrastructure of 10 beds in the Covid-19 Care Centre within three months, will serve over 120 patients care for every seven days and 7,000 people will avail benefits through outpatient services and utilisation of several logical support.

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