Belgian MP To Receive Salary Entirely In Bitcoin; Says Adoption Will Be ‘expansive’

Christophe De Beukelaer of the Brussels Parliament said he would receive his entire salary in bitcoin this year. He predicted that the technology would disrupt all industries and that the adoption of cryptocurrency would be “exponential.”  

We Can No Longer Remain Ignorant of This New World. Brussels Parliamentarian Christophe De Beukelaer has stated that his 2022 salary will be paid in bitcoin.  

He mentioned, “Thanks to @NYCMayor for the inspiration’ in his tweet. Just as you do for New York in the US, I want Brussels to become the leading city in Europe for #blockchain, #Crypto and #Web3. In 2022, I will be working on this. Full tilt.”  

The lawmaker explained that “with blockchain, we are at the dawn of a revolution of the same scale as the one we saw with the internet 30 years ago.”  

According to him, all sectors “will be disrupted,” and in other countries, “large institutions are beginning to invest massively in crypto assets to take advantage of this enormous opportunity.”  

“Politicians have a responsibility to inform the people of these coming societal changes,” he said, adding: In an era when cars and light bulbs are developing exponentially, we can no longer remain ignorant of this new world. It’s a bit like clinging to the carriage or the candle as cars appear.  

According to the post, the lawmaker plans to convert his entire salary for the whole of 2022 into bitcoins to create interest around bitcoins and the crypto industry.  

Eric Adams, the mayor of New York City, is receiving his first three paychecks in cryptocurrency. His first paycheck was recently converted into bitcoin (BTC) and ether (ETH) via Coinbase.To demonstrate that New York City is open to technology, Mayor Adams converted his paycheck into bitcoin.  

Recently, Eric Adams, the mayor of New York City, has received his first paycheck in bitcoin and ether via Coinbase. “Promise made, promise kept,” Adams said, referring to his promise to take his first three paychecks in cryptocurrency.  

In my opinion, it’s not too late for Brussels and Belgium to be at the forefront of the cryptocurrency industry. We already have some great companies in the field… but we need to position ourselves clearly and create a real ecosystem,” De Beukelaer concluded.  

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