At Tiretta Bazar, Enjoy An Early Morning Chinese Breakfast

If you are craving Chinese cuisine as early as 6 am, don’t be upset that you won’t get it in the wee hours of Kolkata. You’d be surprised to know (if you are new to the city) that there’s a market that serves delectable Chinese breakfast near Lalbazar. 

Tiretta Bazar often referred to as Kolkata’s Old Chinatown is one of the oldest and continuously running marketplaces in the city around which the Chinese community first settled after their migration back in the 1780s. They all moved with Tong Atchew or Yang Da Zhao during Warren Hastings’ governance. Tong Atchew or Yang Da Zhao became the first member of the community who is recognised as a local legend. Once the area was home to 20,000 ethnic Chinese Indian nationals. The Chinese, mainly Hakka and Cantonese play an integral part in Kolkata’s rich history. They have also shaped the city’s food culture. 

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For instance, Tiretta Bazar is popular for the Chinese restaurants where many people flock to taste authentic Chinese and Indian Chinese cuisine. Located in Central Kolkata, Tiretta Bazar is not different from other local bazars in the city. However, what makes Tiretta Bazar unique is the availability of Chinese breakfast. Starting from 5 am, the street vendors put up their shops every morning and serve several Chinese breakfast items like steamed buns, hot dumplings, fried and steamed momos and wontons for as little as Rs 50 per serving. Besides, there are items such as fish sui mais, fishball soups, breaded pork chops, coconut balls, rice and sesame seed sweet balls, sticky rice and even chicken pies. When you visit the bazar, you will see some home cooks selling breaded pork fillets, spring rolls, chops, and Kachumba Pakodas. The food here is simple yet complex in its originality and affordable as well. If you buy a dimsum or sui mai, it would cost you Rs 20 wherein a bao is served for Rs 40. 

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If you want to relish a larger spread of the Cantonese-style breakfast options, you must visit Tiretta Bazar on a Sunday morning, as the breakfast vendors save their best for Sundays. They have been carrying on this tradition for several decades because on Sundays, the crowd is humongous. If you don’t reach there by 8.30 or 9 in the morning, you may have to head back disappointed on an empty stomach. 

How to Reach Tiretta Bazar? 

Board a metro to the Central Metro Station and walk a few steps, or take a bus and get down in front of Central Metro Station and walk towards Tiretta Bazar. If you drive to Tiretta Bazar, you can park your vehicle in front of Poddar Court. 

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