Are You A Pluviophile? Here Are 10 Breathtaking Destinations In India That Turn Emerald Green During Monsoon

Do you enjoy the rain? Do you love the smell of wet earth after a heavy shower? If you are a pluviophile, here’s your chance to spend a fantastic monsoon this year.  

While various places in India have lost their flora and fauna due to environmental degradation and deforestation, there are still some places that give us a breath of fresh air when it rains.  

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Monsoon is one of the most awaited seasons in India. The rains turn dry lands into lush green picturesque landscapes. The rivers are no longer dry but filled with crystal clear water to their brim. 

Farmers in India welcome the monsoon as the season gives them a reason to celebrate their festivals. Flowers bloom, birds sing, forests glow and waterfalls gleam. 

Small hamlets in the country offer breathtaking views in this season. The towering hills and gallant mountains call trekkers from around the country. 

As India gets drenched in the cold showers this year, here are ten places around the country that turn lush green during monsoon: 

  1. Coorg, Karnataka 
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Coorg is your perfect getaway in the monsoon. The breathtaking scenery and gorgeous vast coffee plantations make the destination one of the most beautiful places in the monsoon. The monsoon leads to the famous Abbey and Jog waterfalls flowing spectacularly. If you catch a glimpse of a rainbow, you get the cherry on the cake. 

  1. Cherrapunji, Meghalaya 
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Cherrapunji is blessed with pleasant weather throughout the year. However, the monsoon turns the place into one of the liveliest destinations you will ever find. With birds chirping and insects humming and mighty rivers thundering away as they flow at the bottom of the valley, Cherrapunji is an awe-inspiring destination during the monsoon. 

  1. Shillong, Meghalaya 
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Shillong is a magnificent sight as the abode of clouds gets soaked in the monsoon rains. If you visit Shillong in the monsoon, you cannot miss catching a glimpse of the Elephant Falls and the Spread Eagle Falls. If you like getting drenched, make the best use of this opportunity. 

  1. Chikmagalur, Karnataka 
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Nestled in the lap of the Western Ghats, Chikmagalur is magical in the monsoon. The land turns lush green and the waterfalls flow in their full might. You cannot miss a visit to this amazing destination during the monsoon, a combination of beautiful mountains, vast green valleys, and tropical rainforests.  

  1. Munnar, Kerala 
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If you wish to find paradise in Kerala, Munnar is where you must head now. Wrapped in magnificent green tea plantations, this hill station has the most soothing ambience and incredible sceneries. Enveloped in mist and with a sweet smell in the air, Munnar is an excellent getaway in the rains. 

  1. Bhandardara, Maharashtra 
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Bhandardara, sitting in the laps of the Sahyadri Mountains of the Western Ghats, is a favourite among hikers and trekkers. The fresh landscape is pacifying and the dewy surroundings restful.  

  1. Valley of Flowers, Uttarakhand 
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Undoubtedly one of the most glorious places in the world, the Valley of Flowers in Uttarakhand is no less than mystical in the monsoon. Over 400 varieties of flowers paint the land in numerous shades. The blooming mountain flowers during the monsoon is a sight you cannot afford to miss. 

  1. Banswara, Rajasthan 
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Banswara is known as the City of Hundred Islands, a name given because of an abundance of bamboo trees that grew there once. A dreamy monsoon destination, a visit to the Mahi river dam during the splendid rains will make your trip unforgettable. 

  1. Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu 
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Kodaikanal in Tamil Nadu is ‘The Gift of the Forest’ that turns strikingly green during monsoon. Coaker’s Walk and Bryant Park offer astounding views in the rain. You cannot miss a visit to Dolphin Nose, Kurinji Andavar Temple, Pambhar Falls, and Pillar Rocks. The best part? If you are lucky, you may experience a scarce phenomenon called ‘Brachem Spectre’, where you see yourself in the clouds.   

  1.  Orchha, Madhya Pradesh 
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During monsoon, the otherwise dry corner of the Malwa plateau turns lush green and romantic. Heavy rains revive the Betwa River. Washed in the fresh showers, the heritage sights glow with nostalgia. If you love the rain, Orchha is a must-visit in the monsoon. 

So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags now! 

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