A Guide To Must Use Safety Gears During Your Motorcycle Road Trip

As we celebrate June 21 as World Motorcycle Day, it is essential to talk about safe and responsible motorcycling. Safety begins at home with the rider, both with responsible riding and taking care of your safety.

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Being a responsible rider, you should follow traffic rules, not indulge in hazardous riding that puts yourself and other people on the road at risk and wear the required safety gears.

When people start riding, they may know very little about how to start riding comfortably on long road trips and what safety gears should be used.

Here we aim to help with safety gears for those who are just starting.


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Helmets become a must even on city streets. And wearing a good quality helmet becomes mandatory. Wherein picking a helmet, ensure that it fits you snugly without the helmet being ill-suited or loose. A loose helmet may not provide the right amount of safety and be harmful in case of an accident. Most importantly, always choose a helmet with a good fit strap. An unstrapped or loose strapped helmet is as useless as not wearing one.


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Being on highways, always ensure wearing a pair of sturdy boots that provide ample protection against your foot and heel. Depending on your tour, your shoes should serve the purpose. Choose a pair of sturdy adventure boots if you’re into hard-core touring. But for regular street and occasional touring, a good quality pair of street boots are required.


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First thing first, always invest in a good pair of riding gloves. The fit must be snug, the material abrasion-resistant and strong stitches and best build quality with suitable protective armour for the fingers, palm and knuckles. Based on riding style and usage, choose the right kind of gloves to keep your hands protected during off-road riding.


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Pick your riding jacket as per the duration of your road trip and on the weather. All-weather jackets may be suitable for cold days and in the rain and high-altitude weather; however, it will be uncomfortable to wear them on a warm summer day. In India, a mesh riding jacket meets 80% of regular riders’ requirements. You need a heavier, warmer jacket if you are out to the high mountains or riding in North India or North-East India during winter.


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Last but not least, a good pair of riding denim with armour inserts is the perfect motorcycling pants for regular use. Still, when you traverse highways, you need better Cordura denim or textile pants for added protection and better-quality armour from a brand like Rev’it that lasts for at least 2-3 years even though the initial investment is on the higher side.

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