30% Of Investors Interested In Fractional Ownership Of Commercial Estates Are NRIs: Survey

Nearly 30 per cent of total investors interested in fractional ownership of commercial real estate are Non-resident Indians (NRIs), revealed a recent survey. They seek to create an alternative source of income for their family in India. 

Mumbai-based MYRE Capital conducted the survey after collecting responses from over 1,500 high-ticket registered users and investors. MYRE Capital facilitates investors in fractional ownership of the commercial real estate. 

The survey found that chartered accountants and finance executives showed the maximum interest (30 per cent of total respondents) in investments towards fractional ownership of the commercial real estate. They were followed by lawyers (21 per cent), doctors (15 per cent) and Tech-IT executives (13 per cent). 

“These investors prefer fixed income options that are collateralised with a hard asset and have started appreciating the favourable risk-return profile of fractional CRE and the end-to-end management provided by fractional ownership platforms,” MYRE Capital was quoted as saying in a statement. 

According to the survey, 72 per cent of investors are from India, and 28 per cent are NRIs from countries such as the US, the UAE, the UK, Denmark, Nigeria and Australia. 

“Fractional investment has long existed in India but in an unorganised manner. Even now, investors limit themselves to residential real estate as their only choice of investment, and we want them to be aware of CRE as an effective avenue,” MYRE Capital’s Founder and CEO Aryaman Vir said. 

MYRE Capital’s website read, “MYRE Capital is a tech-enabled platform that provides easy access, transparency, and liquidity to a curated selection of rent yielding commercial real estate assets. Each asset is selected based on stringent criteria involving predictive analytics across 30+ data points, 25 years of industry expertise, and our proprietary SOUL© process. MYRE Capital will enable investors to co-benefit by allowing fractional ownership to our asset portfolio.” 

“We strongly believe that our people and culture are the building blocks of the company. At MYRE Capital, we promote diversity within a collaborative framework to optimise solutions from a multifaceted approach. The team comprises of individuals with expertise in varying fields such as architecture, real estate, engineering, computer science and finance. Diversity is our strength and is unified in our vision and passion of reshaping an antiquated industry,” the website further read. 

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