16-Year-Old Andhra Pradesh NRI Wins Hearts For Assisting Covid-19 Victims

Nihaar Charagulla, a 16-year-old NRI, has become a hero in Andhra Pradesh (AP) as he has been supporting the Covid-19 victims and helping relief activities.

Nihaar has raised funds from his friends and associates of his parents in the US to deliver relief material and ambulances in Andhra Pradesh.

Settled in San Jose, San Francisco, Nihaar has actively participated in charity activities with his IT-job holding parents since childhood.

He has purchased a service vehicle to take the Covid-19 patients to hospitals and leave them back home was flagged off at Don Bosco High School in Yerrabalem village of Mangalagiri on June 14.

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Nihaar’s initiative has been lauded by many including Madiga Corporation chairman Kommuru Kanaka Rao, Don Bosco’s alumni association president Rev G Kishore Raju, Rev Marreddy and Rev PK Joshi.

The school authorities also donated PPE kits to the frontline health workers, especially nurses and paramedical staff working in different hospitals.

Asha Jyothi, a physically disabled institute of Krishna district, has also received support from Nihaar to provide medical kits like oxygen concentrators.

“Nihaar managed to pool over $15000 in the past few weeks and consistently extended support to the service activities in different regions in AP,” said Nihaar’s father, Sanjoy, the vice president at a reputed software firm in the US. “He is an inspiration for many teenagers to take up similar activities.”

Sanjoy’s roots are in Chirala, Prakasam district; Nihaar’s mother, Ayesha is a native of Thotlavalluru in Krishna district. Nihaar’s grandparents are, however, live in Vijayawada.

Nihar has also been providing training in coding to the students who are economically backward in America and holding awareness classes to the older adults in handling smartphone apps and laptops. He is also contributing to community gardening activities.

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