With Pele Passing Into History, Time’s Right To Familiarize With The GOAT’s Incredible Records 

After a spectacular FIFA World Cup in Qatar, everyone was gearing up for some more exhilarating action in the football world. However, nobody was prepared to take the news of the demise of one of the GOATS of the game, Pele. It is a sad reality we have to live with right before the start of a new year. The “Black Pearl” aka Pele had produced some exemplary feats during his glorious career. So, today as a tribute to Pele we will be looking at some stunning records of the legendary Brazilian. 

Youngest To Corner WC Glory 

Originally known as Edson Arantes do Nascimento, Pele happens to be the youngest to bag world cup glory. In the 1958 edition as Brazil sunk Sweden in the final, he was just 17 years and 249 days old. The young Brazilian had then even scored a brace as his national team secured a 5-2 win. This apart, Pele was also the top scorer of the tournament for his country in that edition. 

Brazil’s Top Scorer Ever, Unofficially 

The one to popularise “Samba” soccer, a style embodying varied aspects of Brazilian culture, also happens to score the most number of goals for his country. The legendary player has 77 goals to his credit from 92 fixtures. However, the unofficial number stands at 95 as 18 of the goals came against clubs while playing for Brazil. Nevertheless, he officially shares the record as the joint top scorer with Neymar Jr. 

Three World Cup Glories 

The ultimate dream for any footballer is to help his national team win the world cup. Messi waited for close to two decades to realize this dream. However, Pele happens to be the only player in the history of soccer to win three FIFA World Cups as a player. Everyone aspires for at least one World Cup glory, but Pele has three, justifying his status as a GOAT. 

Could Have Won Ballon d’Or 7 Times But… 

The Ballon d’Or was not open to non-European teams prior to 2007. By then Pele had walked into the sunset. However, when France analysed how many Pele could have won had it been open for everyone across the globe from the start, it became apparent that the Brazilian could have got it seven times. If you take this analysis into account then the Brazillian great could have shared the honour of winning the Ballon d’Or most number of times with Messi. 

A Hat-trick Specialist 

During the 1958 FIFA WC Quarters, Pele scored a hat-trick against France and attained the glory of being the youngest to find the net thrice in the tournament. The record stands tall even today, emphasising his haloed status. The “Black Pearl” also happens to be a player with the most number hat tricks in the history of the “beautiful game”. In the games accredited by FIFA, CONEMBOL, and other governing bodies, he has 92 hat-tricks to his credit. 

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