Why Is It Advisable To Learn Arabic Before/After Going To A GCC Country? 

If you are planning to shift to a GCC country; UAE, Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia etc; for a considerable amount of time, say 5-10 years, then among several things, it would be ideal for you to learn Arabic. There are a plethora of benefits to learning the local vernacular before or after going to any GCC country. Today, we will focus on the advantages of being proficient in the Arabic language. 

Strengthen Job & Career Prospects 

If you land in the UAE, for example, with proficiency in Arabic, then your chances of finding a job increase compared to people who are not well-versed in the language. Even if the job description specifies that fluency in Arabic is preferable, not essential, the knowledge of the language will increase your chances of landing the job compared to other candidates who are not fluent in the same. Even after getting a job with the knowledge of Arabic you can scale new heights in your career. So, it helps a person in many ways in a Gulf country. 

Derive Social Benefits 

If a person is well versed in Arabic then he can interact very well with the local community and easily gel with the prevailing culture. Otherwise, the individual would feel isolated in the society and professional arena as well. Also, by knowing Arabic you can effortlessly adapt to the way of life in the GCC countries. Overall, you will feel at home in an alien land if you know the language. So, learn it to avoid social exclusion while you are in a Gulf state. 

Avoid Troubles Easily 

Misunderstanding can crop up at any time and in such a scenario it is better to clear the same in order not to escalate the issue. And knowing Arabic is one way to clear the air with regard to something to someone who is not at home in English. This way people can bypass unnecessary tension and problems. Also, if you are into any business in the country, real estate or grocery, then Arabic knowledge can help you in cultivating clients and striking a good rapport with local partners or businessmen. 

Get Things Done Quickly 

Arabic is the official language of the GCC countries, so most of the websites pertaining to basic essentials, such as water & electricity, have one version in the local vernacular. In case, you only know English then the information provided in the same language on the website can be hard to comprehend as the translation at times could be incomprehensible. However, if you know Arabic, then you can straight away go to the website disseminating information in the local language, and you won’t face any problem in understanding the content. 

Help You Deal With Unscrupulous Employers Effectively 

In Gulf, such companies are very few and far in between, but people can sometimes get trapped in a company that flouts all the labour laws. If an individual manages to find a job in such an entity then his knowledge of Arabic can help him make understand the labour ministry officials about the problems he is faced with on the job front. Of course, the ministry officials are also good with English but knowing Arabic can strengthen your chances of resolving the issues quickly. 

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