Wedding 2.0: Prakash Raj And Wife Pony Verma Got Married Again

Veteran Indian actor Prakash Raj celebrated his 11th wedding anniversary with his wife Pony Verma on August 24. On their 11th anniversary, Prakash Raj and Pony Verma got married once again. Their son Vedhant wanted his father and mother to remarry in front of him on their wedding anniversary. The couple fulfilled his dream as they exchanged rings and kisses in front of their children.

Prakash took to Twitter, shared some beautiful pictures from the celebrations, and wrote, “We got married again tonight..because our son #vedhant wanted to witness it.”

Prakash Raj also shared an old wedding photo. Meghna and Pooja, Prakash Raj’s daughters with his former wife Lalitha Kumari, were also part of the celebrations.

The actor also shared a photo of him and Pony from their wedding. “It turned out so right.. for strangers in the night .. thank you, my darling wife .. for being a wonderful friend.. a lover and a great co-traveller in our life together.”

56-year-old actor Prakash Raj was married to Pony in 2010. Pony Verma is a famous choreographer in Bollywood.

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