Vital Tips To Consider While Moving To Germany On An Employment Visa 

Going to a new country to settle in and work is a dream of many, especially in the US, Canada, Germany etc. Not many get such a privilege but if somebody manages to land such a golden opportunity then he needs to make a lot of preparations before leaving the home country. So, today we will list out the to-do things before moving to Germany from India on a job visa. Let’s get started. 

Keep Some Money In Cash Form 

If you are going to Germany after getting a job then you need to carry some cash with you as well. The hard cash can be used for your rudimentary purposes such as groceries, laundry, transport expenses etc. For most of the imminent expenditures, even forex cards can be used but that depends on which part of Germany you are in. In case you happen to be in a mofussil town then you require cash in your hand. Now the question is, how much will be sufficient for you? As per the travel experiences of certain people a sum of 1,000 Euros in cash would be desirable. 

Don’t Forget Important Docs 

When you travel to a foreign country essential documents are very vital and you should organize everything properly as part of your travel strategy. There is no point in regretting not bringing any document later on as the same can result in a lot of complications. So, you must keep these original documents with you: 

  • Passport with stamped visa 
  • Passport of your dependents with stamped visa (In case you are bringing dependents) 
  • Travel health insurance document  
  • Valid job contract carrying your signature 
  • Child’s Birth certificate  
  • Marriage certificate in English (If travelling with your spouse) 
  • Educational certificates in English, such as BA, MA, MBA etc 
  • Recent passport-size photographs 

Carry Vital Medicines 

If you are coming from India, then you should know that getting essential medicines in Germany can be a bit expensive. In the country, unlike India, you require a doctor’s prescription for vital medicines. But if you don’t have one then the basic medicines can bite you hard financially. 

So, it is better to carry the necessary medicines meant for cold, cough, fever, etc, and also specific medicine that you were having in India. Also, avoid bringing a lot of them as you can get into some serious trouble during the screening process. But if the medicines are unavoidable then keep the doctor’s prescription so as not to face any inconvenience during the screening procedures. 

Bring Essential Edible Items Of Daily Use 

Germany has a lot of shops specializing in Indian products, and you won’t face any problems in buying those while in the country. However, these might be very expensive compared to the price you pay back home, and also you won’t get specific products that you are used to back in India. So, under such circumstances, you should ideally bring these packed items to Germany for the initial period. This way, you can save some money, when you are in the country during the initial stages. If possible, bring some utensils like idli maker as the prices of such products are on the higher side in Germany. 

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