Vacay Down Under: Methods Involved In Acquiring An Australian Tourist Visa 

Australia is famous all across the globe for its national parks, azure beaches, rich rainforest, wildlife species and deserts. Hence, if you wish to cool your heels in Australia for a few weeks or more, then you should ideally apply for an Australian tourist visa. This write-up will guide you through the process to acquire the same. 

Documents Needed For Oz Tourist Visa 

The original passport with a minimum validity of six months from the date the candidate desires to travel 

A duly filled visa application form 1419 

A recent photograph of the applicant, 35-40mm in width and 45mm- 50mm in length 

Bank statements, tax records, properly audited accounts and credit card statements for the last three months (or any other document) to establish that the candidate has enough money to reside in Australia. 

A document clarifying that the visitor would go back to India following the trip 

A detailed travel itinerary specifying accurately the passport details, date of arrival & departure, the objective of the visit and accommodation detail. A cover letter is also required for the same. 

How To Apply? 

Ensure you have all the vital documents, fulfil all the medical formalities (if asked for), and have a valid passport. 

Open a lmmi account and fill the application appropriately. Then submit all the documents 

Pay money for your visa applications, the same will be duly processed 

You’ll get an intimation once the concerned official assesses your documents and visa applications. Offer biometric information or additional documents, if asked for  

The result of your application will be sent to you. If you obtain an Australian tourist visa then you should download a copy of the same as well 

Oz Tourist Visa Validity 

The tourist permit carries a validity of 12 months, and an Indian visitor can come to Australia several times and be in the country for 3 months per visit. 

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