US, Canada Ease Travel Norms For Indians But UK Yet To Budge

While the US and Canada have eased travel restrictions for Indian travelers, the United Kingdom is yet to blink on this count. India remains on the UK’s red list of countries that are unsuitable for travelling. However, you can still travel to the UK if you have a long-term visa but this has a rider. Even if you have a long-term visa, you are required to stay in a third country that happens to be on the ‘green list’ of the UK for at least ten days. 

The restrictions are applicable not only in the UK but also in the US and Canada, where there are different sets of restrictions when you enter these countries. Before planning to travel to the listed countries, be aware of these guidelines. 

The United States 

Although the US has relaxed the travel restrictions for India, it doesn’t allow Indian travellers to enter the country. It is because the advisory has been issued targeting US citizens travelling to India. US citizens or NRIs can travel to India but based on level 3, meaning ‘reconsider travel’. Earlier it was level 4, meaning ‘do not travel’ until the US department of state revised it on July 19. 

The Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued the level 3 travel notice for India, considering that the risk of contracting Covid-19 may be lower now. 

If you are an NRI and want to go back to the US, you are not yet allowed to enter the US as of now unless you receive approval from National Interest Exception (NIE), the US consulate. Once your visa is stamped, you need to mail or visit or seeking approval. If you have been in any banned countries, including China, Iran, UK, Ireland and Brazil, restricted by the US in the last 14 days, you are not allowed to travel to the USA. A health declaration form, a passenger disclosure and an attestation form need to be submitted for contact tracing. You will have to fill in additional forms if you are going to California, New York and Massachusetts. 

Before all of it, make sure that you are fully inoculated by any FDA-approved vaccine. 

Once you reach there, you have to complete a mandatory home quarantine of 7 days (with on-arrival test) and 10 days (without on-arrival test) 


Canada extended the suspension of Indian flights till August 21, will welcome Indians who are fully vaccinated with the WHO-listed vaccines from September 7 onwards. 

With this announcement by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on July 20, you can plan a visit to the country after the mentioned date. 

As per the Canadian administration, the borders of Canada will be open to all travellers who have been fully vaccinated with the government of Canada-accepted vaccines at least 14 days before entering the US. 


The United Kingdom still has three lists- green list, amber list and red list- and the international travellers must go through these thoroughly before entering the country. The green list includes travellers from Australia, Brunei, Falkland Islands, Faroe Islands, Gibraltar, Iceland, Israel and Jerusalem, New Zealand, Singapore, South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands, St Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha. 

Red implies that any traveller from the red-list countries, including India, is not yet allowed to visit the UK. However, if Indian travellers have stayed for at least 10 days in any ‘green list’ country, then they can enter Britain. 

If you visit a country on the: 

Green list- ensure taking a Covid-19 test two days prior to travel 

Amber list- ensure being quarantined in the place you’re staying and taking Covid-19 tests twice 

Red list- ensure being quarantined in a hotel and taking 2 Covid-19 tests 

Currently, you cannot enter the United Kingdom if you’ve been in a country on the red list unless you’re British, Irish or you have the permit to live in the UK. 

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