Ukraine-Russia War: 19 Flights To Bring Back 3,726 Indians Today

As the Ukraine-Russia war remains inconclusive, many Indians, including students are stranded, across various parts of the war-hit Ukraine.

The Indian government had launched operation Ganga to bring back stranded citizens. As part of the ongoing operation, on Thursday, as many as 3,726 Indians would be brought back.

According to Civil Aviation Minister Jyotiraditya Schinde, of the total 19 flights, eight of the flights will arrive from Bucharest. Two flights
are from Suceava, one from Kosice, five from Budapest and three flights from Rzeszow.

While, the C-17 Indian Air Force aircraft arriving from Bucharest in Romania, carrying around 200 Indian nationals from Ukraine, landed at its home base in Hindan near Delhi.

As the Indian government continues to evacuate its citizens, Prime Minister Narendra Modi held talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin on the urgent evacuation of Indian students.

According to a statement from Kremlin, Putin said he had ordered Russian soldiers “to ensure the safe exit of Indian nationals from the armed conflict zone and their return to their homeland,” During their video call on Wednesday.

Russia was trying to organise the emergency evacuation of a group of Indian students from Kharkiv via a humanitarian corridor, it added.

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