UAE’s Revised Travel Guidelines: 10 Things Travellers Must Know Before Entering UAE

The National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Authority of UAE on August 10 reviewed its travel guidelines for international passengers. The authority explicitly mentioned that those who are fully vaccinated against Covid-19 could register their details and vaccination certificates with the UAE government. It also made clear that the passengers have to get inoculated by the UAE-approved vaccines.  

Here are the ten things from the revised guidelines you should know before entering the United Arab Emirates:  

  1. Travellers reaching UAE can register on Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICA) website and app.   
  1. Registration will start on August 15.  
  1. If you are a UAE resident, before starting the journey, you must fill in personal and passport details, residency address in the UAE, and upload vaccination details and attaching proofs.  
  1. To ensure your safe transit, you are advised to register your details on ICA UAE Smart or through the website.  
  1.  Only certificates of vaccines approved in the UAE will be given the nod, and accredited certificates will show on the AlHosn app.  
  1. AlHosn’s updated features reflect users’ green pass protocol status based on PCR test results and vaccination status.  
  1. AlHosn app has three colour features- green, grey and red. Green indicates a negative PCR test result, and it’s still valid, grey means its validity has expired, and red suggests the test result is positive.  
  1. The second national carrier of UAE, Etihad, is flying passengers from Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh on the condition of transiting in Abu Dhabi. Diplomats, UAE nationals and golden visa holders are, however, exempt.  
  1. Stranded passengers such as Dubai visa holders can now fly to Abu Dhabi on board with Etihad Airlines. But passengers must land only in the emirate of their residency.  
  1. A covid-19 vaccination certificate is no longer required for passengers travelling to Dubai from countries including India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Nepal. This rule applies to only those passengers travelling to Dubai and not other emirates.  

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