UAE Relaxes Covid Norms: What Do The New Changes Mean For The Public? 

The miserable virus that has been wreaking havoc in our lives since 2020 seems to be losing its mojo finally across the globe. Even the United Arab Emirates is no exception in this matter. The Covid cases have been declining gradually in the emirates with the death rate almost zilch currently. Sensing the same, the UAE government has eased some of the restrictions that were imposed to contain the spread of the virus during its peak phases. So, the people in the UAE can heave a sigh of relief as certain inconveniences have been done away with. However, as the government announced the relaxations, it has also asked people to be careful as the virus is yet to vanish in totality. Coming back to the main point, what do the new rules state which will come into effect from September 28 onwards? 

Regulations Regarding Mask 

  1. Masks from now on will not be mandatory in several public areas, including schools 
  1. But they are a must in mosques, other religious places, healthcare facilities and state transportation services. 
  1. They also remain a necessity for Covid-affected people and in suspected cases 
  1. The elderly people, those affected by chronic diseases and people of determination have been advised to wear the protective gear 
  1. Masking is also a must for food service providers 

Rules For Flyers 

  • The government mandate regarding the wearing of masks inside flights has been taken off and left the matter to the discretion of the airlines 
  • For passengers flying out of the UAE, Covid regulations of their destinations will apply. 

What About Covid Patients And Their Proxies? 

  • Covid-positive people must isolate themselves for five days, at least 
  • Close contacts have to go for a PCR test only if they are showing Covid-19 symptoms 
  • But PCR tests are advised for close contacts with comorbidities, especially the elderly and people of determination 

Regulations For Mosques And Places Of Worship: 

The social distancing between worshippers is not needed 

Masks are a must 

People worshipping at mosques must bring their own prayer mats. 

The Changes in Green Pass On Al Hosn App 

According to the system, only people with ‘green’ status on the Al Hosn app are permitted to enter public places. They have to show the Al Hosn app to display the vaccination status against COVID-19 and the validity of RT-PCR test results to enter public offices and venues. Now, what is the situation on this count: 

  • Validity goes up from 14 days to 30 for vaccinated individuals, implying the pass will be green for 30 days post a negative PCR result 
  • Those yet to inoculate must get a PCR test done every seven days to retain the pass. 
  • Pass remains a must in some public places in Abu Dhabi as well as certain federal government offices 

Aside from these changes, from now on, the government will not publish the Covid cases on a daily basis. However, the figures will be provided on official websites. 

(With inputs from various sources

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