Top 5 Italian Mouth-watering Desserts From Delhi Restaurants

People in Delhi not only have a stomach for street foods but also got a sweet tooth. For most of them, dessert is a part of the daily ritual known as meals. If you explore Delhi’s food culture, focusing solely on desserts, the city offers classic English desserts, fusion dishes and many more delights. When your tongue craves for a particular sweet covering, for example, an Italian dessert but feel too lethargic to enter the kitchen and experiment, you may visit the below-listed restaurants in town. 

Cheese Vanilla Panna Cotta at The Lodhi Hotel 

Image Credits: Outlook India

With a wide range of offerings, the Lodhi hotel is famous for its Italian and continental dishes. It also serves some amazing desserts. The Cheese Panna Cotta is one of the popular desserts across the world. The rendition of the creamy Panna Cotta, a northern Italian dessert, is layered beneath a coating of berry jelly and topped with quenelles of homemade berry gelato. When you take the first bite, you’d taste tangy and tart gelatin, followed by soft, silky layers of vanilla bean and flavoured cream cheese. The presence of tangy red berries perfectly evens out the taste of cream cheese and fresh cream. You can have it at Rs 745 plus taxes. 

Banoffee Pie at Olly, Gurgaon 

Image Credits: NYT Cooking

Having roots in East Sussex, the classic English dessert is prepared from bananas, cream, dulce on a buttery crumbled biscuit base. With every bite, Banoffee pie uncovers its layers, from whipped cream mingled with chocolate shavings and gooey bananas, leading to the decadent dulce de leche (made from condensed milk) with a biscuit crumble. At Olly, Banoffee pie is priced at Rs 275 plus taxes. 

The Cereal Killer at The Grammar Room, Meharauli 

Image Credits: YouTube

With a quaint sweet escape, the Grammar Room offers food, coffee and delicious desserts throughout the day. The Cereal Killer is nothing but a breakfast item that is a combination of corn flakes and milk made into a cereal ice cream. The use of Maldon sea salt in the house-made caramel sauce and dark chocolate in cremeux make it a perfect creamy tart. It has a unique topping of milk and cereal flavoured ice cream. You can indulge in the same at Rs 395 plus taxes. 

UN Minuto LA Tiramisu at Capitol Kitchen by Taj 

Image Credits: Outlook India

The Tiramisu made from Italian trifle, fresh cream, mascarpone, sponge fingers and dusted with chopped chocolate, is a best-seller dessert at Capital Kitchen. The use of espresso soak ground from finest coffee beans lends the Tiramisu a mellow coffee kick. The dessert is priced at Rs 770 plus taxes. 

Nutella Sushi at Plum by Bent Chair 

Image Credits: The Hindu

An offbeat yet decadent dessert combined with Nutella and crispy honey banana stuffing, Nutella Sushi by Plum offers a unique taste. It keeps your taste buds pleased with the unconventional combination. Created by Chef Sagar Bajaj, Nutella Sushi is made using Nutella, jaggery, sesame seeds, banana, and crispy honey banana and is available at Rs 625 plus taxes. 

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